Everything at a glance - with the oneAssist Document+ web part for Microsoft SharePoint

Extend your portal with an integrated preview for all your documents & files. oneAssist Document+ web part is an integrated extension, explicitly developed for Microsoft SharePoint. 

Work intuitively

Work intuitively

Select one or more documents or files as usual. Document+ instantly creates an integrated preview directly in the portal, without opening a new page.
Simplify your work

Simplify your work

The simplified preview function gives you a quick overview and helps you find the information you need efficiently and easily.
More than just a preview

More than just a preview

Navigate through files, diagrams, and interactively share content or switch between individual files at will in the integrated file preview.

Extend your portal with an integrated preview for all your documents & files

With the amount of data available today, it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you need quickly and accurately.

You run the risk of spending valuable time searching through your entire portal, opening different files or getting caught up in complicated searches.

The oneAssist Document+ web part is way to save you from complicated searching. It is an extension developed especially for Microsoft SharePoint. It complements the limited portal interface: i.e. Document+ generates a preview directly integrated on the SharePoint page, so that you can always quickly find your way around your documents and files by taking a targeted look. You save time and can work flexibly and intuitively - in just one window and without opening additional programs.

After all, finding the right information quickly and easily is the key to success.

Important documents just a click away

The Document+ web part is a preview for all your documents & files. It is integrated directly into your Microsoft SharePoint and creates a dynamic preview in it without the need to switch windows or open additional programs.
Your advantages with the Document+ web part

Your advantages with the Document+ web part

  • User-friendly design of work processes
  • Quickly switch between displayed documents & files
  • Fast collaboration thanks to dynamic interfaces with intuitive use
  • Individual settings for your preferred way of working
  • Interactive navigation between multiple files for more speed, especially in combination with TreeView+ web parts
Document+ web part features

Document+ web part features

  • Direct integration on the SharePoint page
  • Instant access to any documents, graphics, videos, etc. - Without reloading or opening a new page
  • Dynamic preview incl. navigation
  • Support for many file formats (all Office file formats, such as Word, Excel and many more)
  • Microsoft Visio diagrams
  • BPMN files & PDFs
  • Over 20 image and video formats (list depends on the browser used)
  • Effective functions for process diagrams
  • Dynamic display and switching between multilingual chart and table content

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