Customer Success Stories

The customers of oneAssist include small, medium-sized and large companies. Below you will find some references - in all projects we have supported the customers from the kick-off workshop to implementation and training.

PH Zurich standardizes and broadens access to process documentation with Visio

The Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) once operated in multiple locations across the greater Zurich area. After unifying its operations within a single central campus, the university needed to standardize operations. To document its procedures, PH Zurich adopted Microsoft Visio Plan 2, documenting roughly 130 processes in three years. With Visio, the university has also empowered process owners to take a more active role in their departments, inspired collaborative iteration of operations, and eased its proof of compliance processes.

The Global Fund guides nations to get more out of medical aid with Visio

The bright primary colors in the logo bring visual cheer to the Global Fund website homepage, yet they represent three of the world’s deadliest diseases: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. “The Global Fund is a lean, mean, modern aid machine,” says Aneta Wierzynska, Senior Specialist on Programmatic Risk and Assurance at the Global Fund. “It’s by far the most nimble and innovative model for disease elimination possible, and we’re not afraid to ask the hard questions and try new approaches. That’s how we move needles.”

Fabled Swiss precision and Microsoft Visio match up to make ambitious railway plan crystal clear

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is faced with creating and continually updating a complex workplan for a railway improvement and reconstruction project that will span nearly a decade. The plan includes managing 26 engineering companies, organized into four planning teams, each responsible for distinct work units that must be coordinated with quintessential Swiss precision to ensure uninterrupted passenger service. To keep everyone on task, the SBB team sought a way to illustrate the plan that would seamlessly organize its complexity. Multiple information streams are coordinated with Microsoft Visio diagrams, laying the groundwork for a construction phase plan to ensure uninterrupted service when construction begins.

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