Take advantage of our decades of experience in the IT environment. Our experts in various fields also bring knowledge in your company and get you „up and running“ in a very short time frame.

Optimize your positioning as a partner

Many issues have to be resolved during the integration of your own products with the Microsoft portfolio. Beginning with an analysis of future trends and economic assessments, it continues with strategic planning and a technical roadmap. Moreover we also help with the creation of the specifications, the development and if necessary the in-house integration.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio is aimed at companies who want to strategically reposition or consider launching their solutions based on Microsoft technologies. We offer you a complete package:

  • We analyze the existing product landscape, identify business opportunities and develop appropriate integration scenarios.
  • We create a strategic plan and a marketing plan for potential products.
  • We advise you on the technical development of the product.
  • We put you in touch with the right Microsoft counterparts.

Take advantage of our decades of experience working with Microsoft and build your strategy on a solid foundation from the start!