BI using Visio and Visio Services 2013

Šenaj Lelic demonstrates in his article how data-based diagrams in Visio and Visio Services can be utilized in Business Intelligence scenarios.

Happy Birthday, Office: Visio oder die Kunst des Verstanden Werdens

In his article for Microsoft Šenaj Lelic takes a look back at 25 years of Office and 19 years of Visio.

Visio Webcast: Tips & Tricks - Basic dashboards in SharePoint with Visio and Visio Services

Šenaj Lelic shows tips & tricks for Visio and Visio Services to publish diagrams in SharePoint.

Visio Webcast Series: From the basics to Advanced Services

The long-time Visio expert and Visio MVP Šenaj Lelic has held a series of webcasts about Visio and in particular a three-part webcast about Visio Services for Microsoft. If you need a comprehensive overview and introduction to Visio Services - here it is!

SharePointPodcast 292

Šenaj Lelic talks about Office Business Apps and SharePoint Workflow.

Process portals with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft SharePoint Part 2 - How do I build a process portal

A step-by-step tutorial on how to build a process portal.

Process portals with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft SharePoint Part 3 - What should I consider when building when building a process portal?

This lecture shows how to use standard tools, Visio, Visio Services and some planning to quickly and efficiently plan a process portal. It also covers how to avoid planning errors and where they may occur.

IT documentation

The webcast demonstrates that one can effectively and flexibly document large and complex infrastructures and subcomponents with Visio and a few other resources.