Some of our customers’ projects

Malik Management, St. Gallen

For Malik Management we developed a tool to advise consulting customers. The VSMinteractive 2.0 application integrated Visio and SharePoint, and visualizes business organizations based on complex data structures.

„The combination of Visio and SharePoint developed by oneAssist was the perfect solution for our needs: The product is very well received by our customers.“

Maria Sourla, Organizational Development Manager, Malik Management

ABB Switzerland

2013 oneAssist developed for the automation manufacturer ABB Switzerland an efficient solution for process visualization. With the new platform based on Visio 2013 and SharePoint Server employees can create their diagrams collaboratively and compatible with the formats used in the company (EPK; BPMN) and save 60 percent on time.

„At ABB team work is a vital component of our success. With our solution, based on Visio 2013, many opportunities were created to model process diagrams together as a team.“

Bernd Schachinger, Head of Processes and Quality Assurance, ABB Switzerland

SIEMENS AG, Berlin and Zurich

For Siemens AG in Berlin we developed a visualization software to create supply and wiring diagrams. The MultiConverter was extended for Siemens Zurich and supported the migration of over 40,000 CorelDRAW documents to Microsoft Visio and keeps on facilitating the everyday work of the employees to date.

GEA Group AG

For the GEA Group AG oneAssist realized a graphical visualization of divisions and acting software infrastructure components therein with responsibility for the organization areas, based on data from Excel files using Visio.

PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH, Berlin

For PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH oneAssist hosts the Microsoft SharePoint based internal project portal. Part of the project was the design and planning of the entire solution - from data migration from the legacy system to the creation of specific extensions. Furthermore, oneAssist handles ongoing operation and the monthly maintenance.

H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG

H&S is one of our most valued customers in the Customized Developement section.