A better overview with just one click

Whether for project accounting, for control of measures or for management of large data sets and libraries: Using Conditional Formatting you can highlight key information in tabular form graphically and thus asses them faster. Our product is optimized for SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Foundation 2013, and brings back the features included in SharePoint 2010. It also offers additional advantages over the original conditional formatting:

  • Our wide range of operators allows for many different kinds of content, such as text values, statuses, appointments, phone numbers or sales figures to be highlighted.
  • With a central list you can flexibly create all the formatting rules in one place, manage and apply them to the desired lists. Each user having sufficient list permissions is able to edit the rules directly in SharePoint.
  • You have full creative freedom with ease of operation. Starting with the highlight of individual cells and rows to the integration of icons or pictures – with the capabilities of CSS3 you create more clarity for the whole team.