The oneAssist MultiConverter supports you in the conversion process of many vector based graphic formats to Microsoft Visio! If needed it even uploads the converted diagrams to your SharePoint server for you, saving you not only time but also a lot of money.

Visio Services Extension

With Office Web Apps you can open your documents on the SharePoint server directly within your web browser. Our extension of Visio Services will add useful functions and work becomes even easier.

Conditional Formatting

With our solution Conditional Formatting for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online we give you the maximum freedom in the visual structuring of large lists and document libraries. So you and your team see at a glance what is really important.

Mind­Maps for Visio

You can now graphically represent your ideas and plans with Visio. With our MindMaps for Visio extension you can represent develop and convey the results of a brainstorming session and creative meetings more efficiently.

NetDoc AD

With NetDoc AD you keep changes in your Active Directory always in view! Using the extension for Microsoft Visio you create a clear documentation of your network, including users, groups and group policies.

Visio Tools

Work more efficiently using Microsoft Visio - our Visio Tools provide this for free. With them you extend the application interface with useful features designed to save you time during Shape development.